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Bottoms Up + Jam Session

21:00 – 23:30

Black Sheep Pub & Terrace
Storgatan 20


Bottoms Up is a duo from Finland. With the help of a fretted and a fretless bass combined with a lot of effects they create trance inducting soundscapes that gives rise to deep introspection. Mats and Jonas are in some sense like two modern shamans of the electric bass, bringing back beautiful insights from a world hidden from view.

The two bass shamans were brought together to summon back in 2013. They were both minding their own business in the spirit world when suddenly a sparrow showed up. The sparrow told them:

“Mats! Jonas! The world is entangled in potential collapse. You both know what to do. Innocence unfolds into incredible human observation.”

From there on. They started to jam. And they jammed for weeks. Gradually, emotional intelligence started complimenting the expansion of abstract beauty. Songs were born. They’re now on a mission to liberate the world with those songs and their precious electric basses and magical effects.

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